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~Creating Confident Kids~

Can Tammy really help with anxiety and depression, fears and stress? YES!

When your child is hurting the last thing you want is for it to

last a lifetime.  You don't want the pain to be a defining moment.

It doesn't have to be forever!  They can learn step by step skills

to transform their thoughts and live carefree! 

AND ponies always help!!

Trained in Neuroscience, Tammy knows how to find the answer

to unwanted behaviors, by finding out where they started

and imagining it differently.   By changing the image impressed

on the brain, we can reduce the impact on our child's future.

Their pain doesn't

need to predict their future.

Traumas are NOT forever...

I work with parents and kids to find the most confident you!

Using fun and easy brain training to get fast results so you can

create happy and successful kids by knowing how to facilitate

their spirit, while creating happiness within yourself!


"She hasn't had a sleep over for 2 years with out crying. 

After working with you, she didn't shed a tear!"  BI, USA

 "Thank you Tammy... You provided me with profound insights ...

I can highly recommend her to anyone who doesn't want to sit in a therapist’s chair for years

in order to solve minor or major traumas and change their lives.
Tammy is a very kind, patient and above all extremely skilled professional. She brilliantly combines several disciplines such as EFT and NLP for a powerful deep coaching experience."

Christiane , Paraguay

"Tammy helped me figure out why I was so scared of the dark and so afraid at night that my mom would die.  She made me feel so much better and I knew just what to do if I started to feel afraid. Now I'm not scared anymore and I want to sleep by myself!"  Priela, WI


"My daughter and I love Tammy!! She has been doing sessions with my daughter and the results have been mind blowing! My daughter was suffering from many symptoms and past traumas. After just 3 sessions so far, she has managed to crack her shell open! We are looking forward to seeing her transformations continue.

Thank you so much Tammy!!💞" April, WI

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