Serving the

Twin Cities Area  located in WI

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Can ponies really help with anxiety and depression, fears and stress? YES!

Tammy offers pony therapy, trained in rewiring the brain and allowing painful memories to be rewritten to reduce their impact on the future.

 When your child is hurting and you don't want the pain to be a defining moment,

give them the gift of learning

step by step skills to transform their thoughts and live carefree! 

Their pain doesn't

need to predict their future.

Traumas are NOT forever...

Adults benefit too!👏😍

Using fun and easy brain training to teach our mind to be stronger than our feelings.

Results: "Thank you Tammy... You provided me with profound insights ... I can highly recommend her to anyone who doesn't want to sit in a therapist’s chair for years in order to solve minor or major traumas and change their lives.
Tammy is a very kind, patient and above all extremely skilled professional. She brilliantly combines several disciplines such as EFT and NLP for a powerful deep coaching experience."

Christiane A, Paraguay