Pony therapy - on location or zoom $80/hour.

  • when your child has been hurt and they don't want to talk about it, that's ok!  Sometimes talking is scary for kids. They think they have done something wrong or will hurt their parent. 

  • I teach new and innovative tools they can use anytime for emotional empowerment.  They can even teach you!   We change the resources that are affecting them, change the emotions that keep coming up and then get you your child back!

  • this pain doesn't have to follow them into adulthood and affect their life choices.  

We bring our ponies to you and give hand-led rides with experienced

and friendly pony handlers for a full on fun and safe experience. 

For the health of our ponies and safety of your children, we allow children 80lbs and under to ride our furry friends.  Everyone is welcome to pet, feed, braid and love on our ponies!

How we stay in business and give our ponies the best care:


$250 plus mileage = 2 ponies/hour. Each pony can give about 15+ rides/hour

$100 per hour for each additional pony.

$50 per hour for two or three bunnies in a pen *(only with pony booking)*.

$110 per hour for two goats in a pen *(only with pony booking)*.

$140 per hour for goats and bunnies *(only with pony booking)*.

$225 per hour for petting zoo - bunnies, goats, chickens.

Mileage is $1.00 round trip from 54013 (WI) Zipcode

Mileage exceeding 118 miles will be $1.25 per mile round trip from 54013.

Premium charges apply for extended distances.

Sales tax will be added per your address.

$25 off for St Croix County events/parties!! 

Pony therapy - on location or zoom $80/hour.

Snacktime with pony - zoom group - $15/15 minutes.

Minneapolis parties/events must complete and pay for their city permit.

You will need the below information and chose the "special event permits" on the website below.  Private party permits are $85 Public party permits are $205.

Please provide proof of permit before your event.  Click for more info  

The information you need from me is below:



We carry liability insurance.  

Equine helmets are provided and mandatory and we are required to have waivers signed by responsible persons before or at event.



We bless you with prompt, polite, safe and professional service

but most of all we provide the FUN!

Email questions:

Leaving Hoofprints on Hearts!

Serving the

Twin Cities Area  located in WI

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