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Gifts for pony lovers

Enjoy the most precious time creating your ornament and priceless memories. 

The kit includes:

5 1" flowers and leaves


White and pink felt



Need: 12" circumference ornament, scissors, hot glue gun, pen, marker and (optional glitter and polycrilic for glittery ornaments) 

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Is your child horse crazy??  Are ponies all they think about and talk about?  They they will love our sponsor me opportunity! 

  • Receive emails of pictures and information about the pony you sponsor

  • Learn more about pony care

  • Visit the farm on our farm day! It's a great time to learn more about your pony!

  • Pick your favorite pony!

  • Option 1 - pay for hay for 4-5 days

  • Option 2  - help pay for vet care and farrier (pedicure)

  • Option 3  - contribute to an indoor arena for pony parties

  •   Click each pony below to learn more