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Leaving Hoofprints on Hearts

Happiness isn't just for kids!

happy coffee.jpg

We know happy kids learn more, try harder, are more well adjusted and are full on more enjoyable!!  That's why we bring ponies to you... to give your children the very special feeling of happiness that comes from ponies.

There's a whole lot of research about happiness these days and how happiness affects productivity, relationships and even sales.  The happiness advantage has a real advantage like increasing productivity 13%!  Tammy researches.  She finds solutions in her coaching business and her pony business.  She is a health nut - maybe you'd say "crunchy" and she is constantly seeking ways to benefit others.  Do you need to feel LESS STRESS?

Tammy found happy coffee for her stressed out husband and it has profoundly affected his relationship with her and their daughter, Priela.  After only 4 days, Priela said, "Mom, please don't let dad get off that happy coffee."  It was heartfelt from a girl that just wanted more attention from her dad.  He was tired, unmotivated and stressed.  Work and covid were influencing his ability to be involved.  It wasn't his fault and certainly wasn't how he wanted to feel, but it was her reality.

The thing is.. you don't know how happiness affects all areas of your life until you ARE happy.  When you understand that feeling can come from providing your brain with the nourishment that reduces stress chemicals, then it all makes sense.  

Feel happy t0 BE more you! 

Stress less. Be happy.


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