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March 25, 2021
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Rajah is the most amazing dog we've ever owned!  She picked my daughter to be her owner when she was just a pup of only 9 weeks old and they are have enjoyed so many adventures together! 

  We had just lost our dog to a car accident and my daughter, Priela, was heartbroken. She and Titan had been raised together for 7 years, which was as long as Priela could remember.  She saved her money from working pony parties and was determined to get her own dog. 

When she had enough money we went puppy shopping, even though mom wasn't ready for a new puppy.  However, when Rajah saw Priela and Priela saw Rajah... it was over.  They found each other and have been inseparable every since. 

Rajah is such a joy to all of us.  She is intelligent, so easy to train, loyal, friendly and super confident!!  She's an incredible mom and the only mom dog we have.

These puppies will have all the special love and attention - hand raised, home raised and especially socialized to perfectly integrate into your home.  Well adjusted, flexible, confident and easily trainable will be the reason you want to call your puppy yours! 

The standard poodle cavapoo is bred for the active person. They will be bigger and have a bigger personality:)


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Mom and Dad