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We have regular sized cavapoo puppies born March 7, 2022.  They are sweet and healthy.

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Nala is the WONDER mama to 7 beautiful and sweet puppies born May 7, 2022 and she is an incredibly attentive and low drama mama!  She started licking and we knew a puppy was born. No trauma, licked clean and cared for with amazing tenderness and love. 

These puppies are boutique puppies. 
What is a boutique puppy? 
They are raised in our home and are the only puppies we have.  They are hand held and loved from day one.  They are given additional training for sitting and potty even before they leave.  They are able to stay here for 10 weeks without extra charges. They aren't competing for attention.  You will be amazed at their easy going, wonderful temperaments!

These puppies will have all the special love and attention - hand raised, home loved and especially socialized to perfectly integrate into your home.  Well adjusted, flexible, confident and easily trainable will be the reason you want to call on of our puppies, yours! 



"Our family gives Tammy 5 stars for sure. We are the lucky family to get a cavapoo from Tammy and we could not be more pleased. Our little lady is very well socialized and has a LOT of the groundwork for potty training. She knew that newspaper is the place to go, and she even did it on the flight home to LA (I cleaned the floor afterwards). Communication with Tammy has always been clear and prompt. We met her daughter with the dog at MSP airport and the transaction was simple. I was able to fly home the same day and really appreciate the airport curb side service. We have a 6 year old girl and this pup is probably the best thing that has happened to her. She was upset and crying a day or two after the puppy came into our home and the pup just snuggled her and loved her up- this cavapoo seems to know exactly how people feel. 5 stars. We are satisfied customers and recommend Tammy’s dogs to anyone who may be considering them. We feel lucky to have a dog from her."

"We Love Our Millie! I had been looking for my furry friend for awhile and then I came across Tammy’s post for silk now know as Millie. Tammy was great throughout the whole buying experience. She replies in a timely fashion and has great advice and knowledge about your new pup. We got Millie at 11 weeks and until that time, Tammy did some potty training and name recognition training. I think it’s really helped since she’s been with us. She also provided us with some of her food and a few toys for the new journey along with all her veterinary records. We couldn’t be more excited to have this new addition to our little family. I would absolutely recommend Tammy!"

"Amazing experience! Overall amazing experience working with Tammy to get our little guy home. He came extremely confident yet well behaved for an 8 week old puppy. She was fast to respond and transparent through the whole process allowing us peace of mind. This is my 3rd Cavapoo and this little guy by far is the most confident and intelligent right off the bat, was trained to newspaper/ piddle pads from the first day he arrived and has quickly became potty trained. Would recommend to anyone who wants a puppy who revived the best care right from the start, and would love to use her again for any future fur babies!"

"Perfect Pup We are so incredibly happy we chose to get a puppy through Tammy. She was able to share so much information and answer all of our questions. Our little guy is the sweetest and smartest pup we have ever had. He is fantastic with our little kids and we are so impressed how quickly he picked up potty training. On top of all that, he is so adorable!"

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Mom and Dad

Past litters

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